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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Want True Sustainability? Then Design to Seduce

- by Amit Gadi (New Deal Design)

“….(talking about the unibody macbook) to create its aluminum case, engineers take a sheet of aluminum 15mm thick and machine away 90% of its mass. They then regrind and smelt the leftovers up to 20 times to make 20 more notebooks--hardly a 'sustainable' practice from an energy use and dematerialization standpoint. However the resulting product is beautiful and solid as a rock. I will keep mine for a long time--unless they force its obsolescence through software--because I simply love it! And that's the most sustainable point about it….”

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At 9:23 AM, Blogger vikrant said...

Very true. A seducing design is worth calling sustainable because people would develop emotional attachment with it and keep it for life time. But on the contrary most of "designed to seduce" products are also "designed to throw" away as soon as possible, because the company wants to create market for future products. Take example of iPod for example! Once the battery of iPod has gone bad you can do nothing with it ... but its design is really seducing ...I would love to keep it for life time if it works for life time.


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