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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Designboom shop sucks!

This is a sad story of my "History of Folding Chairs" poster which i've ordered from Designboom website. It made me extremely sad and then extremely angry with Designboom! I've bought it for more than 1000 INR ( which is a lot for two posters).The broken package which you can see in the picture is a good exaple of bad design coming from - Designboom!
I mean can't they have a better pack to save the inside poster? I don't think they can just blame it on postage/ transport, etc. since they better know how roughly things are handled when they come to India from Italy!!
I'm really disappointed with Designboom team! I mean, what is there in a poster if it gets crumpled exaclty at the centre. Some of the images and the text is also distroyed because of the folds!


At 6:29 AM, Blogger designboom said...

please understand that once we hand
the posters over to the postal service,
it is down to them to ensure the safe deliver.
in the last five years we've mailed thousands
of posters in the same manner.
we are very sorry that yours arrived in this condition.
we will send you two new posters that
will hopefully arrive in a better state.

best regards,

At 2:42 AM, Blogger Amogh said...

Dear Designboom,
i received the new posters few days back. I really appreciate your efforts and concern for your customers.
It has retained my faith in e-shopping from designboom.
Thank you very much


At 3:14 AM, Anonymous A G said...

DESIGNBOOM SHOP REALLY SUCKS!! Don't order anything from it. I ordered the pallet coasters months ago and never got anything. I sent 6 emails to designboom from different accounts and they never even replied. It's the worst webshop ever!


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