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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

With Ambient the physical environment becomes an interface to digital information
rendered as subtle changes in form, movement, sound, color or light.
Current information interfaces are either interruptive or too detailed.
For the first time in history, ubiquitous wireless networks can affordably deliver digital information anytime, anywhere. The result for most of us is cacophony. Ambient wants to make the world calmer. Some information requires constant awareness.
For some it's the status of their portfolio, or the health of an aging parent. Others want to know if their friends are online, the upcoming weather, the score of a game, if the fish are biting, or if there's heavy traffic on their drive home. These are examples of information that is neither worthy of interrupt (push), nor worthy of investing time (pull). This type of information should be glanceable, like a clock or barometer. We call this ambient information, and we've created the technology to deliver it.

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{link tru http://www.infosthetics.com/}


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