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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Campana brothers.

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It seems, there is a new trend in the design world these days. If you happen to be a male with a male sibling, and are involved in design, (preferably furniture / lighting) then you might as well try your luck to become popular by starting a design firm together!
Few days back, we have posted the link to Bouroullec brothers' site. This time we have brought you an interview with the Campana brothers.

“Our relationship is based on one trying to convince the other that they are right,” laughs Fernando. “But usually when we fight it’s over a project, when we’re developing something. Sometimes he insists on something, a colour or a material and I insist on another one …”

here are a few more links for the campana fans>
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> link from mocoloco
> buy the Favela chair by the duo at moss online shop.

check out other interesting stories/interviews at icon magazine's latest issue.
> Tord Boontje


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