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Monday, August 23, 2004

Ross Lovegroove's Interview

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I loved the image above! not because of the 'obvious' reasons, but because it appropriately represents the characteristic sensuous quality, its creator achieves in his designs -sculptures.
For those who dont know him, Ross Lovegrove is a British Industrial designer, known for his sculptural organic forms with sensual appeal, had worked as a designer for frog design in west germany in the early 80's.

here is a excerpt from the design magazine
design Indaba about the interview of Mr. Lovegrove:
"...Ross Lovegrove is sculptor of ordinary things. He is an artisan with a knack for infusing everyday objects with an alluring poetry. Ross Lovegrove is also simply an industrial designer. While the cynic's view is unfailingly factual, it is somewhat bereft. Yes, Ross Lovegrove is an influential designer of functional everyday objects, but he is also a forward-thinking creator of objects possessed with an utterly unexpected beauty...."

read the interview

mightaswell has found out his website
rosslovegrove.com, but sorry lovegrove fans, its not up yet! keep a check and tell us if you find anything 'clickable' there !

read more about Lovegrove from the archives of

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