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Monday, August 08, 2005

Incremental innovation

Here's a nice article from IDFUEL. i must say, these people have been putting nice thought provoking articles... keep it up guys.

"...Sometimes, design is about fixing old things; Updating products that fell behind the times, or addressing problems in rev 1 so rev 2 will work better. And sometimes, design is about explosions of creativity; Entirely new user paradigms dreamed up in a flaming burst of muse-driven box-leaving stratospheric glory. The first is easiest, done the most, and pays the most consistently. It is the bread and butter of the design consulting world. The second is tricky, inconsistently solvent at best, and the lucky claim of only a small portion of practicing designers. But, like so many things, there is a middle ground. Simple changes that produce a difference, subtle at first glance, which in reality, alter completely the effectiveness of a product. This is the black art of the Tweak...."

read on...http://www.idfuel.com/index.php?p=493&more=1#more493


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