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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

u must check this out ! "...Hi, my name is Wayne Radinsky. I'll tell you how I got the idea for the site. I live in Silicon Valley and I know a certain person who works at Google. Actually, I knew her before she worked at Google. (We went to the same college.) One day I was saying, "Yo, I was looking on Google for something and no matter hard I tried I couldn't find it." And she was like, "Dude, tell me! I'm always interested in what people can't find on Google." Ok, I admit, she didn't use the word "Dude.". Then she says, "You should make a list." So I start making a list. And then I thought, "I oughta make a website so everyone can make a list." This website is, like, the whole world's "Can't find on Google" list. ...."
http://www.cantfindongoogle.com/index.php?r=1097571853&a=2060871746 Posted by Hello


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