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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Droog's got a new face.

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Droog fans, here's a sweet concept for u :
The freedom of choice is nowadays being overestimated.Shops are full with the same kinds of products. These sugar cubes are numbered (click on image to see details). It is impossible not to make a coice, but the uselessness of the choice becomes clear when the chocolate number dissolves in the drink. Droog has done it again.

For those who dont know, Droog is "...a brand and a mentality: design for products that do what they should and think about why they’re doing it in the first place: function? fun? wit? criticism? All of the above? Droog is a curatorial collection of exclusive products, a congenial pool of designers, a distributed statement about design as cultural commentary, a medium, working with cutting edge designers and enlightened clients...."

The erlier site was kinda stuck up. The new one seems better. Although i didn't get the pupose of making each word clickable.


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